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Recently two of our IMPACT 7th graders created a persuasive presentation to Mrs. Fox on the benefits of health and wellness and why they believed they should be able to use the gym at the Campbell Clwcc. This well done, creative presentation has now allowed our seventh and eighth grade students to use the gym twice each week, here they have two courts reserved to use during their IMPACT period.

This is another great example of how our school is able to provide whole child activities that include health and wellness.


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NEOIA - Think Outside the Books

It's your turn to think outside the books! Come experiment, research, and explore with the Northeast Ohio IMPACT Academy. The Mahoning Valley's ONLY state-designated STEM school that will make an IMPACT on your learning.
Join us on March 21st from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Campbell Clwcc to learn more about the IMPACT the Northeast Ohio IMPACT Academy can have on your learning experience.

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Yesterday Students in our "Sports in Stats" class participated in the game "Keep Your Cookies in the Jar" created by: Mihali Zervos, Adyn Vazquez, Angeliz Diaz, Kendall Brunn, and Michael Mesaros. The students were tasked to create or modify an existing game, come up with their own set of rules, create a logo, and provide an example of equipment if it was needed.

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Thank you to the The Michael "Mickey" Soroka Charitable Foundation for sponsoring Math 24.
Our own Evan Conrad was last night’s 7th and 8th grade Math 24 winner! All 7 of our IMPACT students made it to the semifinals (Round of 12) and received medals (Kamillie is not in the picture, but was a late entry to play). The other schools competing were Campbell, Boardman, Bio-Med, and St. Charles.

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