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About Us

The Northeast Ohio IMPACT Academy was founded in 2019 to create educational opportunities for students that want to make a difference in their future. We offer educational opportunities that will prepare you for your future. You will be prepared, with the skills, to make an impact on every stage of your life.  As a student, you will learn to communicate, think critically, adapt, and innovate through our engaging curriculum and high expectations. At NEOIA, you will set the stage to make your IMPACT.

NEOIA is founded on the belief that education and innovation rely on each other.  Our high expectations curriculum model allows students to think critically, creatively, and connect their academic knowledge to our engaging design challenges. Throughout the design challenge students are engaged individually and collectively to solve and present their solutions to real-world issues using the knowledge gained from their classes.

Currently, we offer four career pathways to help students develop core academic, technical, and employability skills: Health, Digital, Design, and Energy. Through our IMPACT Speaker Series students will be exposed to the different pathways starting in seventh grade and continuing through graduation. Students will be able to further focus their education on a pathway through our College Credit Plus partnerships that will afford students the opportunity to earn industry credentials and/or an associate’s degree.

No two students enter the classroom with identical abilities, experiences, and needs. We cannot expect them to follow the same path, however, at Northeast Ohio IMPACT Academy we give them the guidance, support, and tools to create their path of success.