Our Partners

Partner Organization/ Individual Partner Type Description of Partnership/Collaboration
Stark State College Higher Education Serves as an anchor higher education partners for the NEOIA, including representation on the school’s STEM Executive Advisory Committee, STEM Curriculum Committee, as well as providing college-level and early college coursework related to the STEM-focused pathways such as the oil and natural gas (i.e., Energy) and the medical careers/disciplines.
Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County Community Founding partner of the CLWCC and serves as a community partner and resource that will will be housed within the same building as the STEM Academy, providing access to technology, research materials, a fully equipped makerspace, STEM programming partner for extended time and during summer/winter breaks, trained staff and representation on the school’s STEM Executive Advisory Committee.
United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley Community Founding partner for the NEOIA, provides after school programming for students in lower grades with a focus on preparing them with the skills and knowledge to be successful in whatever academic pathway they choose. Representation on the STEM Executive Advisory Committee.
Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce Industry/ Business As a new school and as the school continues to mature and adds grade levels, NEOIA is partnering with the regional chamber to identify and collaborate with additional local and regional business/industry organizations to provide real-world, authentic and relevant project and problem-based learning and STEM-focused career awareness/exposure opportunities. The chamber is/will support by ensuring leaders and teachers have access to real-time in-demand workforce trends/data that will guide the ongoing STEM curriculum development adaptation.
Eastern Gateway Community College   Serves as an anchor higher education partner for NEOIA, including representation on the school’s STEM Executive Advisory Committee, STEM Curriculum Committee, as well as providing college-level and early college coursework related to STEM-focused pathways related to health, including in-demand dental assisting programs.
Surgical Hospital at Southwoods Industry/ Business Serves as an anchor partner and a community partner as well as resource that will be housed in the CLWCC. Students will be able job shadow and intern in the medical fields. They are also represented on the STEM Executive Advisory Committee as well as working with the higher education partners in designing internships and job training.
Mahoning County Mental Health and Recovery Board Community/ Government Currently partners with district and will be an integral partner with NEOIA to provide funding and youth mental and behavioral health programming, to reduce non-academic barriers to learning. Partnered with district and NEOIA to secure $500,000 capital funding for renovation and construction related to the NEOIA and the CLWCC to provide space to youth mental health services/programming. This will ensure students have the supports they need to be successful within the STEM school and beyond.
Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition Industry/ Business Similar to the regional chamber, the MVMC is/will partner with the school to identify and recruit Mahoning Valley Manufacturing businesses and organizations to support hands-on learning experiences for STEM students as well as promote STEM-related careers and academic fields within the sector. Specific to the school, the MVMC will support learning and technical experiences related to the energy pathway.
Guarantee Clean Energy Industry/ Business Solar Company that specializes on renewable and clean energy. Will serve as a technical expert and STEM career awareness and will provide real world and authentic learning experiences for students to deepen the learning.