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My name is Sarah Valingo, and I am entering my 15th year of teaching and my fourth at Northeast Ohio IMPACT Academy. I teach English I and II at the high school level, as well as CCP English courses.

I graduated with my bachelor of science in Integrated Language Arts from Youngstown State University in 2008 and my master of arts in English in 2011. I have been published in the Ohio Journal of English Language Arts and the ALAN Review. I also started a Project LIT chapter and take students to YSU's English Festival.

My classroom is a place where we dare greatly. We work hard, take risks, and get up to try again when we fall short. As a teacher, my main role is not as a critic, it is as a learner alongside my students.  We celebrate our efforts, and we view our shortcomings as temporary setbacks and learning opportunities. We build a growth mindset. I work alongside them. We discuss our learning and our confusion, and we assess what we need to continue to work on together.

I run a workshop hybrid classroom. My classes are rich in individualized learning, routine, and connection. In my English classes, I expect my students to read and write for themselves, as well as for me, all year long. I have a classroom library of over 1500 books, and I invest a good deal of time helping students learn to find books that will inspire and nurture a lifelong love of reading. It is one of the best gifts that I can give, the one most likely to lead to success, connection, and happiness later in life. We talk one-on-one and in small groups about our reading. I provide intervention or extension through these conferences, and I build connections and community as well.

I look forward to a wonderful year of reading and learning with our scholars!